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Today a website is no longer a luxury and serves two very important functions.

  • Websites have become the primary tool for attracting the future generations of the Craft
  • Websites are an important communication tool for disseminating information and keeping the existing members connected in this busy world.

Today, people expect proactive information in the form of email notifications and newsletters, a static website will no longer maintain the attention of the visitors.


  • Content Management System
  • Private Member Sections
  • Private Social Networking
  • Electronic Newsletters
  • Online Meeting Minutes
  • Photo Galleries
  • Lodge Calendar / Scheduler
  • iFeeds - Information Feeds
  • BLOGs
  • User Directory
  • Famous Mason iFeed
  • Featured Writer iFeeds
  • Lodge Location in live Google map
  • Contact Us form
  • Many Template Themes
  • Share information with other sites

 No web programming knowledge or software required!

Example Sites:
Grand Lodge of Illinois
St. Clair Lodge #24
Ankor & Ark Lodge
Children's Dyslexia Center of Chicago
Valley of Chicago
Updating your site is easy!

If you can use a word processor, you can edit your website. Below on the left is the result of the text that is edited in the online word processor on the right.

Galleries provide several important funtions to your website:

  • Photo Galleries are the most viewed section of any lodge website
  • Showing potential candidates the friendly faces of your lodge having fun, socializing, and doing good things for the community, puts them at ease and encourages them to contant you.
  • Members appearing in the galleries gain a feeling of importance, recognition, and inclusion.
  • Distant or homebound brethern can stay informed of what's going on in the lodge.
Calendar of Events
Maintain an event calendar to keep the Brethren up to date on Stated and Special meetings. Calendar events can be identified by color coded categories.

The events in the calendar support iCal downloading to Outlook and mobile devices.
Famous Masson iFeed
The famous mason feed helps keep your site regularly updated with virtually no effort. Every month a new Famous Mason is added with photos and two accompanying articles. The first article is a teaser article in a narrow format to be placed on a prominent page as shown to the left. The Narrow version is a teaser to entice the reader to view a full article as shown below.

If you make no changes to your site, the Famous Mason iFeed will be regulary updated on your site and will inspire users to regularly visit your website. The Famous Mason feed is a virtual ambasador to potential new candidates. Candidates will learn about the influential and respected men of our fraternity and will become increasinly interested in the craft and may encourage them to inquire about the fraterity.

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