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PRESS RELEASE: Springfield, IL, October 6th, 2017

Masonic Connections is proud to announce the partnership with the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Illinois to offer FREE websites to all Lodges in Illinois who currently do no have an online presence in the Lodge Locator database.

"We feel that this will go a long way to assist potential candidates in making First Contact with a Lodge" says James Edgell, President of SoftEXIT and founder of Masonic Connections, " When a candidate visits one of our sites, they are presented with useful information to drive interest in the craft and an online communications form to initiate a membership inquiry. We wanted our sites to offer more than the bland one pagers that are offered by other providers and those sites don't even offer a way for a potential candidate to contact your Lodge! We also didn't want to create a website for Lodges that have already invested in their own, we want to help our Lodges, not compete with them. Lastly, we do not inject advertisements into the site which is a volation of the Grand Lodge rules. Masonic Connections delivers on our commitment to be the best choice website hosting for Blue Lodges."

Every FREE site includes the following assets:
  • A foundation site with 14 pages
  • Lodge Location and Stated Meeting Times
  • Grand Lodge News Feed
  • Grand Lodge Events Feed
  • 4 Masonic Videos
  • A Contact Us form for general inquiries
  • A Membership Inquiry form for potential candidates
  • Pre-approved listing on the Grand Lodge website
  • Website listing in the Official Lodge Locator Apps on iPhone, Apple Watch, Android, and Android Wear
  • Information About Masonry
  • Advertisement free
*Advanced features are available with Premium service.

** Unlike a competitor, you can opt-out of the free site, we do not want to compete or block your candidates.
*** This was a one time offer to lodges that did not have a website listed at the time of the offer.


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